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Game Day 6 - DC @ TFC
Written by HamiltonSteelers   
Yes.  I'm very well aware that there's no Game Day 5 - Columbus @ TFC.  You know what.  Here's what you missed Shitlotto dive after Shitlotto dive after Shitlotto dive.  He was flopping around like Ronaldo in a Portugal shirt (he does too, don't even start!)   Goaless draw that TFC did not deserve.  I hate Shitlotto.  There.  Got it.  Now lets move on.

2-0-3 in our last 5. That means TFC has not lost in a month or so. Second-year teams shouldn't be on such a tear. Mind you, unlike a hockey expansion team, where the NHL is the pinnacle of the sport, MLS is not... In fact, it's nowhere near. And because of this, We can find great players for our standard at a fraction of retail. This allows just about any expansion side the opportunity to bring in quality in their club's infancy.

And that's exactly what MoJo has done and Carver is making it happen, much to the dismay of the rest of MLS. Suckers.

To be honest, i don't really care much what DC is doing. As arrogant as this sounds, i expect Toronto to beat everyone pretty handily. Their form is exquisite and if the league hasn't noticed, they are in trouble.

Saturday will be a solid test if this is 'home form' or just 'form'. Until then, up the reds!
Written by The Yorkies   



      There has been much said recently about the proposed Argos move to BMO Field, but sometimes it is the things that are unsaid that prove to be the most curious. Many in the mainstream media will throw out the notion of the CFL moving into “The National Soccer Stadium” as a simple moving of house, west down Lakeshore Blvd. However, when you take the time to really break down the idea, you quickly come to realize there is a lot that has not been widely discussed, at least not in public. As any TFC supporter who has called the club’s head office for more information knows, a pretty tight corporate style script has emerged from Bay Street. I have no inside knowledge to claim that there is more to this than meets the eye but what does strike me as odd is the lack of apparent information or investigation into a project that is far bigger than is being let on. With that, the following talking points have come to mind. Many of these have already appeared on the numerous TFC forums, but maybe one or two of them will make you wonder if we are dealing with ignorance or something more sinister.

Game Day 4 - New York @ TFC
Written by HamiltonSteelers   
It's a beautiful, sunny night... somewhere else.  Under the blanket of a threatening rain storm, it's a cold-ish Thursday night where the world champions elect take their 3 game win streak against New York Extreme Beverage (2-1-1) at the B.  The 7:00pm kick-off for tonight's contest provided us with an attendance under 20,000 but I bet you still couldn't buy a ticket.

Still deliriously optimistic about the season?  Yes.  Still weary about the rain?  Maybe.

Ex-Celtic (name dropping) Oliver Tebily is not starting.  But the line up doesn't look much different from Saturday.

Yes, I'm late on the report.  I have a life dammit. :)

I've got my shoes on now... so lets dance!
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