Toronto FC – The Yorkies 1812

Toronto Football ClubThe Toronto Football Club is a Canadian soccer team, that currently is in the Major Soccer League. It was founded back in 2006, its name was announced that year. The Toronto FC is part of the Eastern Conference of the MLS. Let’s see some background of this team.


After Toronto got awarded with an expansion team, the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment bought it for 10 million dollars. The team’s name, Toronto FC comes from an online voting, in which 40% of the votes came in for this simple name. And the other reason for the choice is because MLSE thought it would be the best for the team to get its own nickname. Nowadays the Toronto FC is often referred to as “the Reds”, “the Toronto Reds” and “TFC”.

As for the “Yorkies 1812”, they are the supporters of Toronto FC, and they have their own website, where they share their insight and thoughts about their favoured team.

Back to the TFC now. In the following years of its creation, the TFC had a rough, scoreless team. However, it didn’t stop soccer fans of Toronto to have faith and support the team. The Reds and their fans had to wait till May 12 of 2007, when the team had its first win: they won over the Chicago Fire at their home at BMO Field. The first goal was scored by Danny Dichio.

Later on, the Reds were somewhat more successful, and after failing many times – without acquiring any payoff placement in the league, they had some good matches. Despite their mostly weak matches, the BMO Field is usually full, and a hardcore fan base, approximately 3000 people even travel after the team if they play away. Especially when they play with one of the major rivals, on one of such matches, the TFC fans lit a fire in the stadium, and committed vandalism. They were banned from BMO Field.


The Toronto FC occupies the stadium called BMO field, which is located in Toronto, at Exhibition Place. It’s a stadium with a 30,991 heads capacity. The expansions were done in 2010, 2014, which added 8,400 additional seats. The BMO Field has natural grass, and it has a drainage and a heating system too, and for more comfort, there is a retractable roof installed. The BMO Field is operated by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), but the stadium is owned by the city of Toronto.


The Toronto FC is operated the MLSE, which is company that operates several other clubs, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs (National Hockey League) and the Toronto Marlies (American Hockey League), and the Toronto Raptors (National Basketball Association). The MLSE business interests lie in real estate property management. MLSE owns the Scotiabank Arena. The most important partners of MLSE are: Larry Tannenbaum, Bell Media, and Rogers Communications. Last year, MLSE got the Toronto Argonatus, which previously was owned by Bell and Tannenbaum.