The Yorkies Supporters

Toronto FC BMOThe supporters of the Toronto FC are real fans. Shortly after the birth of the Toronto FC, the first three seasons showed the fans support: all tickets were sold out. MLS said that the team actually started the MLS 2.0 as they embraced their supporters’ culture. After a frustrated period caused by the poor on-field performance of the team, MLS eventually chose to lower ticket prices: they were set back to the 2007 prices (in 2013). After Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe’s signed up for Toronto FC, the fan-interest grew, and for the 2014 season, the tickets were capped at 17,000.

The following are the most known supporters’ group: Kings in the North, Red Patch Boys, Tribal Rhythm Nation, U-sector and the Original 109.


The mascot of TFC is a female Harris hawk, called Bitchy. This bird is employed by BMO Field, and its main job was to protect the patrons from seagulls. Bitchy is now a fix thing in BMO Field, and she has become the unofficial mascot of the team. Currently, there is no official mascot, but everyone accepts Bitchy as the TFC mascot.


There is a rivalry called the Canadian Classique. It involves the Toronto FC and its rival, the Montreal Impact. These two clubs are major rivals (due to the fact that there is a long-time rivalry between the Toronto and Montreal hockey teams too), and their rivalry is also often called 401 Derby, or Two Solitude Derby. FYI: the Two Solitudes is a book which generalized the term, and it refers to the lack of (and the lack of will for it) communication between the English-speaking and the French-speaking Canadians. The Canadian Classique in its modern form became ripe when the first Canadian Championship was held, back in 2008. During this contest, the TFC and the Montreal Impact played their first match. Toronto won over the Montreal team, with a result of 1-0. Up to date, the Canadian Classique shows the following results: out of 42 matches, the TFC won 20, there were 10 draws, and only 12 Montreal wins. There is also a record held by the TFC supporters: 3,200 fans travelled to Montreal on March 16 in 2013 to watch their team eventually lose 2-1 to Montreal Impact.

Another major rivalry is the one between the Toronto FC and the Columbus Crew. Both compete for the Trillium Cup, and the fan base of both teams has a fighting spirit. In 2009, the police had to interfere, as there were melee fights after a 1-1 draw. The two teams (Colombus, Ohio and Toronto, Ontario) are competing in the Trillium Cup tournament because both Ontario’s and Ohio’s official flower is the whie trillium. This also means that in fact, this rivalry is a bit manufactured by circumstances.

Colours and sponsorship

The primary colour of the Toronto FC is the red, with white, gray or black as the secondary. The team is sponsored by the Bank of Montreal (BMO), and it stays that way until 2026, since the BMO signed a sponsorship agreement for ten more years.